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Rubber products plant in Berdyansk presents high quality products at competitive prices

RUBBER PRODUCTS PLANTModern Berdyansk plant of rubber products (RP plant) in Ukraine was founded in 1965. Today, despite all the difficulties that our friendly staff successfully overcomes, the company produces excellent quality products. Throughout history, the RT plant manufactures a wide variety of products line. All of them are in high demand both domestically and abroad.

The plant of rubber products (RP) produces high-quality products:

● belt conveyor rubberized;
● flat drive belts;
● pad sleeper padding and under-rail — rubber hatches;
● plate rubber and rubberized;
● rubber for shoes;
● raw rubber mixture.

This is a partial list of products that RP plant manifactures in Ukraine. High-quality rubber materials have always been in high demand among consumers, so the RP plant did not stop the manifacturing of goods for a single day.


You can buy rubber products quickly and easily. The official website of the drop-down menu has all the contacts for communication, that why we have a very easy way to order any rubber products. Sales and delivery on our part will be realized in the shortest possible time. You can buy rubber products directly from the assembly line in our production. The exact address is listed in the contacts.

Manufacture of rubber products in Berdyansk is an absolute sign of quality. Our products are in demand in most modern industries:

● mining;
● metallurgical;
● coal;
● coke industry;
● agricultural;

Our rubber products in Ukraine are shipped from Berdyansk to most of the CIS and European countries. Our company is proud of a broad range of products. Today, our marketing department is proceeding with the increasing amount of orders from the RP consumers.
It is not a secret that most of the production capacity functions on outdated lines. We have the full production cycle adjusted to the modern import equipment, so we believe that our rubber products are the best. Production is monitored daily, and produced product range meets all the international standards, which has been repeatedly confirmed by official certificates. Not every rubber technical plant can be proud of such achievements, which means if you buy our RP — you can be sure of the reliability of rubber products.


Rubber Production (Ukraine)Many RP manufacturers do not pay enough attention to employees and the working process in Ukraine. We only have trained, technically competent staff working in the company. Many of them have provided scientific researches in this area, which confirms a degree of qualification. We as manufacturers of rubber products in Berdyansk guarantee that our products meet all environmental standards. Our production capacity of rubber range does not use hazardous components, mixures and additives. We integrated the highest quality materials in our production cycle. They all meet the international standards and make it possible to produce any rubber manufactured goods in the shortest possible time.

Rubber Production (Ukraine), in particular in Berdyansk, is well established. Every day we get new orders from our loyal customers. The supplier-buyer chain is simplified. Therefore, we have a strong demand for RP production. Just have a look at destinations of our deliveries. Products manufactured at the RP plant are shipped daily to the near and far abroad countries, which emphasizes the respectability of Berdyansk factory of rubber products.

«Berti» Private Joint Stock Company takes its rise in 1965 and till nowadays maintains leading positions as a producer and supplier of mechanical rubber goods in the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.
The enterprise produces specialized high quality products which are used in metallurgy, chemical-recovery, coal, ore mining and non-metal mining industries of Ukraine. Mechanic rubber goods, produced at the plant, including flat drive belts, conveyor belts and molded mechanicals meet high-quality standards and the enterprise has related certificates.


Контактная информация

Ukraine, 71111,

Zaporozhie region, Berdyansk,

Franko/Novorossiyskaya St. , 2/40

Факс: (06153) 4-29-77

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