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Berdyansk mechanical rubber goods works takes its rise in 1965. At that time the plant mostly used to produce and distribute industrial-oriented goods for agricultural and automobile field of mechanical engineering.

Nowadays «Berti» Private Joint Stock Company has slightly changed its specialization. Currently the enterprise produces various mechanic rubber goods of high quality: conveyor belts, flat drive belts, and molded goods which are indispensable in metallurgic, coal, chemical, chemical-recovery, ore-mining and non-metal mining industries. We supply high quality products in the territory of Ukraine and to enterprises of neighboring countries.

Personnel of our company comprise more than 140 employees who have different qualification. All company employees are foremost workers and high-qualified which is quite essential in production of high-quality goods. We try to select the personnel thoroughly; therefore, our Company has the best specialists.

Such large companies as producers of mechanic rubber goods surely have to keep under observation the compliance of its products with all quality standards. Thus, our Company has all necessary certificates which prove this compliance.

Our enterprise maintains leading positions as a producer and supplier of mechanical rubber goods and year after year advances and gets to a new level. Due to this fact «Berti» Private Joint Stock Company was many times nominated for «Group Leader» position in the national business-rating.

The enterprise possesses its own full-cycle production facilities: it means that the goods pass through the whole production cycle – from production of rubber compounds in the special area and to production of specific goods in modern laboratory.

The enterprise is fitted with modern German equipment, so it has powerful potential and possibility to produce large volumes of goods. For instance, conveyor belts can be produced at the plant in amount of more than 300 thousand square meters per year.

Our Company is specialized in production of various conveyor belts which differ with their destination and assumed operating conditions. We produce belts of 1, 2, 3 and 4 types, as well as the following types: general purpose, wear-resistant belt, antistatic, impact-resistant conveyor belt, oil and chemical resistant belt, as well as belts resistant to high and low temperatures: heat-resistant and frost-resistant.

Conveyor belts and other mechanic rubber goods produced at our enterprise meet all GOST requirements in relation to quality of products of this type.

Our Company produces goods by individual technical order and considers the possibility to supply trial batch of mechanic rubber goods.


Контактная информация

Ukraine, 71111,

Zaporozhie region, Berdyansk,

Franko/Novorossiyskaya St. , 2/40

Факс: (06153) 4-29-77

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