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“Berti” Public Joint Stock Company is engaged in production and distribution of mechanic rubber goods of different types which take on enormous importance in industrial field in the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.

Our enterprise is specialized in production of the following types of mechanic rubber goods:

  • Flat drive belts. These mechanic rubber goods are used as towing parts for conveyors of reaping machines, water lifts and elevators. The belts are produced on the basis of compound or synthetic fabrics. The belts can have different width and length depending on their designation and customer preferences.
  • Fabric-ply belts. These belts are designed for conveyance and movement of various loads. The belts are produced on the basis of compound or synthetic fabrics. Fabric-ply belt can be used in different operational modes and withstand low and high temperatures depending on type of the belt.
  • Molded sheets. Mechanic rubber goods used as packing materials which prevent friction between metal surfaces; also they can be used as pads, boards and any other goods of non-packing nature.
  • Rubber manholes. Rubber manholes are more practical than their cast-iron analogues. Rubber manholes do not contain metal and have a great number of advantages. Among these advantages there are rustiness resistance and the fact that such manholes are not subject to processing as a feedstock.
  • Rail and sleeper pads. These goods are used in construction of railway tracks, provide resistance to tracks shearing, decrease loading on tracks and provide electrical insulation on reinforced-concrete sleepers.
  • Raw compounds. Such compounds are used for creation of different types of packings, bolsters, load-bearing elements and other products which preserve their working capacity upon contact with water and other liquids.
  • Conveyor belt with rubber shafts. Conveyor belts made of combined or synthetic fabric fibers are designed for use with certain types of reaping machines.

If you have some questions or you want to buy mechanic rubber goods, our specialists from marketing department will consult you on conditions of buying and help calculate the price.

Marketing department:

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